The Personal Health and Fitness Team


Jeff Holt, M.Ed., Head Trainer- Master Level Professional Trainer,

Jeff Holt, the Owner and Head Trainer, received his Master’s Degree from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee in 1988. He has been a college strength coach, managed a hospital based fitness center, and has over 25 years experience in the Health and Fitness Industry. Train with purpose, get results, high intensity training and proper nutrition are core beliefs for Jeff and the trainers at PH&F. Jeff Holt oversees the applied knowledge and continuing education of all personal training staff members in order to keep the staff on the leading edge of the professional fitness industry.


John Layman, CPT - N.F.P.T. Certified Personal Trainer

John started his career in the Professional Fitness Industry in 1981. He has worked and managed various fitness centers in Cincinnati, Ohio. John brings excellence to his clients and makes you work. Extremely knowledgeable, John is integral to Personal Health and Fitness and "Walks the Walk" and "Talks the Talk." He has attended numerous seminars held by Ellington Darden, Phd. John trains numerous high school, college and professional athletes . . . and a number of professionals in the country and music industry. He is experienced with rehabbing various injuries in the areas of knee, back, shoulder, neck, etc. John has been at Personal Health and Fitness since 1997. No slacking here or you will get that famous "Woody stare" from this Buckeye fan. Consult with John when you come to Personal Health and Fitness and you will get the firsthand experience as to why clients prefer and find success at Personal Health and Fitness.


Susan Davault- N.F.P.T. Certified Personal Trainer -

Susan Davault has been with Personal Health and Fitness for 7 years. She brings experience to the field with 15 years in education and coaching athletics. She graduated from Goodpasture High School where she lettered and achieved numorous awards in 4 different sports. She has a B.S. from Arlington Baptist in Education with a secondary minor in Bible. She is certified as a personal trainer through N.F.P.T. She is knowledgeable in a number of workout areas and brings excellence to everything she does. She will often work the client quickly between strength training exercises to also achieve cardio benefits - whew!


Liz Coley - Bachelor's in Exercise Science -

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and over 29 years of practical experience in the Health and Fitness Industry, Liz’s passion is holistic health and wellbeing. She has worked with children and adults in a variety of settings including education, a medical fitness facility, physical therapy, and corporate wellness. Liz specializes in developing customized behavior modification programs for groups and individuals including weight loss, fitness, and stress management. She enjoys working with all populations including those with functional obesity, diabetes, hypertension, pain management, arthritis, joint replacement and cancer survivors. She is certified through AAAI and the Arthritis Foundation.


Austin Nelson -

Austin Received his Undergraduate Degree from Tennessee Tech University in Exercise Science, Physical Education, and Wellness with a concentration in Fitness & Wellness and is studying to obtain my Master's of Art in Lifetime Wellness from Tennessee Tech. He is also in preparation to receive his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification in the near future. As a former student-athlete and client of Personal Health and Fitness, Austin combines what he has learned both in and out of the weight room to design an exercise program that fits each individual's needs. He is a firm believer in controlling the eccentric contractions in order to maximize the amount of work done by the muscles