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I began training at Personal Health and Fitness about four years ago.  I wanted to find a facility that would properly train me in a safe, professional, friendly and convenient setting.  I have found exactly that at PH&F.  My trainer is very knowledgeable and will push you to reach your peak performance.  The workouts my trainer uses are varied, challenging and safe.  I am extremely pleased with the results I have achieved, and I know the benefits I am receiving will pay off for years to come.

--Luther M.

Exercising with my trainer at Personal Health and Fitness, Inc. has changed my life.  My medical diagnosis was two-fold: spondylolisthesis and stenosis (both low back conditions which cause severe pain and a pinching of the sciatic nerve). Basically, doing every day activities and chores was painful and discouraging.  I spoke to two surgeons and went to physical therapy in separation.  No avail.  I had heard about Personal Health and Fitness, as they had a great reputation in the community.  After deciding to try working out with one of their trainers, it was not long before I was able to perform more and more activities on my own! Within six months of the start of my exercise program, my day consists of working again, shopping, housework, and playing with my grandchildren - all with relatively little discomfort.  I have now been exercising with them for 18 months and will continue.  Personal Health and Fitness has a professional, knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly staff.  Without Personal Health and Fitness, I would remain dependent on others to live my life daily.  Thank you Personal Health and Fitness; I sure wish I had started excising with you sooner!

--Nancy H.


I have been training with weights, almost continually since I was 14 years old.  I am now 58.  I have had 7 knee surgeries, 3 hand/wrist surgeries, a torn rotator cuff and bicep tendon and surgery repair - and neck surgery.  All of these things were caused while impersonating an athlete!  During that time I have worked out on my own and with various trainers and coaches.  John Layman, here at Personal Health and Fitness, is the only person who has been able to work around these injuries.  He has been able to develop a routine that allows me to maximize work on the muscles and cause minimum negative effect on the areas that have been injured.  When I do develop soreness to an area, he is always able to modify the routine to help me be able to continue to exercise.  This "pushing through" the workout always seems to help the aches and pains go away more quickly.  When I show a little less than motivated, he is very good in seeing that I do "push through" the work out.  I have some significant lower back pain in the past due to what I do for a living. John has included exercises in my routine that have significantly strengthened my back.  I have very little trouble with my back now.  I highly recommend John based on expertise and commitment to seeing that each of his clients gets what they pay for.

--Randall D. R.

I have been training with Personal Health and Fitness, Inc. not only to improve my fitness level, but also to manage back pain due to previously rupturing some discs in the lumbar region (lower back).  I now have no issues or pain with my lower back.  I feel the knowledge and equipment that my trainer uses with my strength program is the key to the results that I have obtained.

--Paula B.


I began training at Personal Health and Fitness, Inc. about 5 and a half years ago.  During the first two years I gradually lost 70 pounds by performing proper strength training, a little cardio and proper dietary practices.  I have been able to keep the weight off and remain healthy due to the teaching and coaching that I have received from my trainer.  Each workout day, I know my trainer will be there waiting for me, will give me a very challenging and effective workout and keeps safety in the forefront while developing each days routine.

--Charlie H.

I hope everything is great in Nashville. I just wanted to share that I am still using the Jones’ HIT method and working out three days a week. Having two little boys within the past 22 months has made me reevaluate my exercise/strength goals and I have conceded to working out to maintain health and strength instead of seeing how strong I can get. Though, I am still stronger than I’ve ever been. Over the past couple of years, when trying to get stronger, I was able to break the long standing bench press record here at the University in my weight class and most likely could have done the same in dead lift if they had a competition. Weighing 165 lbs I was able to put up 365 lbs on the bench and deadlift 500 lbs. Which leads me to the humorous reason for writing.

On occasion, I have guys come up to me in the gym and ask what I do for this or that muscle group or what I do to lift heavy and I always feel like they leave the conversation disappointed. When I tell them that I am only in the gym three days a week, my routine takes 30 minutes on average, and I only do one set of each exercise they seem to be overtaken by confusion and outright disbelief. I’ve even had a few laugh and call me a liar. Just this morning, for example, I had a young guy approach and ask what I did for biceps. He seemed interested when I told him currently I’m doing chin-up and curl with an e-z curl bar with 4 second count on the negative. But when I told him I only do one set of each it seemed he didn’t know what to make of it, like I was joking maybe. Similar conversations seem to end the same way.

So, all that to say, thank you for getting me hooked on HIT several years ago! It is still producing results and creating confusion.

--Beau W.